How It All Began...

I began as a Primary School teacher, and then the National Curriculum came along and suddenly it wasn't fun anymore. I then became a Secretary and worked in a whole range of businesses for around 20 years, some fun, some less so. In August 2014 I decided that I was ready for a change yet again and left my job with the intention of having a short break before looking for another one. I am a natural procrastinator and the weeks and months pottered past without me making much effort on the job-hunting front.

One day I received an email from a friend with a link to what appeared to be the ideal job opportunity. With a sigh I acknowledged that yes, it looked a nice place to work, the journey was simple and short, there was plenty of parking, the hours were what I wanted and the salary was fine. So why was I so miserable about filling out the application form? I decided (as I do) to leave it till the following afternoon.

The following morning, under a cloud, I popped down to the supermarket for some bits and met a friend. I told her what the afternoon had in store for me and she replied cheerily that she would be spending the afternoon making lemon curd. Dammit, thought I, I shall do likewise. And so I did. And standing there stirring the curd with the lemon steam rising about me I thought to myself - this is what I love doing.

The Thank You List

  • Anita for sending me that e-mail about the job
  • Madeleine for making lemon curd
  • Irene for the suggestion which led to The Red Onion Thing
  • Eleanor for my beautiful label design and for being sensible
  • Toby from The Whitstable Pickle Company for all the encouragement and advice
  • Gordon The Plumber – my first customer
  • Stephen for the website and everything else
  • My tasting panels:
  • Number One Taster Vic
  •  The Meopham Panel – Viv, Simon, Eleanor, Billy, Reggie and Itty
  •  The Astell Scientific Sales Office